29 Mayıs 2015 Cuma

Here is our PowerPoint slides :)

Violent Video Games (sunum)

Today, we've presented our project for you. We had a surprise for you at the beginning. 
Art loverly yours :-)

Hello, we opened this blog to share the process we went through during preparing our project work. Our topic is violent video games. We started our project on March 7, 2015. Throughout the preparation of our project, we made a great deal of  research on its literature. We tried to be knowledgeable enough in the topic generally. Specially, we tried to focus on its health related results. In literature, violent video games are generally examined together with another important topic which is "game addition"; however, when we search on its psychological affects, we found out that violent video games influence children more than any other game types. Beside, we inferred that video games have a stronger impact on child psychological well being more that other media organ since kids have more control over them.  Now, We are posting a video  about the topic. I hope it would be informative :-)